Using birding in production


birding is currently alpha software.

If birding itself satisfies project requirements, see the streamparse project’s discussion of remote deployment and use sparse submit from a checkout of the birding repository. Otherwise, birding is available on the Python Package Index, which projects can use as a dependency:

pip install birding

Once installed in the Python environment, birding references are available to the topology definition. A project’s topology can include python-spout-spec and python-bolt-spec declarations which have class references to birding.spout and birding.bolt namespaces, respectively. The snippet below illustrates this. The Storm Topology section has more detail.

"search-bolt" (python-bolt-spec
    {"term-spout" ["term"]}
    ["term" "timestamp" "search_result"]
    :p 2)

The streamparse project discusses remote deployment using the sparse submit command. Configuring birding discusses the birding.yml file which is located by the BIRDING_CONF environment variable. Projects using birding should include its configuration file as part of host configuration management or a streamparse submit hook, and likewise set the BIRDING_CONF variable accordingly.

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